All Mixed Up (AMU) is an independent Tamil Hip Hop band from Toronto, Canada created by Question416 and Geerthanan in 2017. Their music embodies their cultural heritage as well as their current environment. Question416 is a rapper that brings creative and intricate wordplay to his rhymes, while Geerthanan is a singer/rapper who adds soulful melody with a wide range of singing styles. The team is managed by Rocky Jeyam, a veteran independent music producer in Canada. AMU’s music transcends borders and cultural barriers by incorporating the sounds and instruments of the world into their music. As their name suggests, their music is All Mixed Up.
Since 2017, AMU has released 6 music videos, an album, and a number of singles to the reception of hundreds of thousands of views and streams. Notably, AMU’s music was appreciated in an article published by the prominent Indian magazine “Kungumam” in Dec 2018 and the CBC in June 2018.